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College Aged Daughter... need advice please

Georgene Berman
13 years ago

I'll try to give the briefest history on this. Our youngest daughter was dumped last fall. The guy in question is still very much a part of our other daughter's close circle of friends. He is now working his way back into our youngest daughter's life. My husband does not like this boy because of what he did to our daughter (breaking her heart).

Our youngest is home for spring break. The ex-boyfriend was at our house two days in a row. He came in to shake my husband's hand. My husband barely acknowledged his presence.

My husband is angry beyond belief that this guy is back around and is currently not speaking to our daughter. It's his way or the highway. I am always playing intermediary between my husband and my girls.

Our daughter is only home one week. I don't know what to do or if I should do anything. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated!

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