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favorite back of the bag/box recipes thread

15 years ago

I posted a thread about 9 months or so ago entitled "favorite back of the bag recipes". I enjoyed that thread and it got a pretty good response. I think it has been flushed off the forum because was so long ago. If anyone can find it, please let me know! The reason I was looking for it is because I wanted to add something to it, and bring it up in case there were any new discoveries.

Has anyone tried the brownie recipe on the back of the bag of King Authur's white flour? It is very detailed and produces perfect classic brownies. Plus, it's a 9 by 13 recipe instead of 8 by 8 like most brownie recipes! I have been using it for the past few months, and unless I need a specialty recipe I think it will me a staple recipe in my kitchen. I omit the chocolate chips because they don't melt and I don't like the texture they give. Sometimes I use walnuts, sometimes not. Sometimes dust with powdered sugar, sometimes not. It says to use dutch press cocoa and I really prefer regular. I've tried it both ways and always go back to original. Some new neighbors moved in to the apartment across the courtyard on Monday. I made a pan of those brownies and took half of them on a dixie plate covered in purple saran wrap to welcome the new neighbors. They were still hot from the oven, and made a beautiful presentation.

So, any new favorites?

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