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Kitchen cabinet pro paint job not awesome...what next?

12 years ago

Though we have DIY'd kitchen cabinets ourselves before (with great results, if I say so myself), we hired someone to do this for us in our new home because we hadn't the time to do it ourselves again (and I do not like the look of oak�sorry, oak fans!). Anyhow, the job was not great and hasn't worn well since September, when we had it done.

For one thing, they didn't get the underside of some of the doors done, which we learned when we flipped some right-side up to install our hardware. Also, the wood colour is coming through. The grain is fine, again, we've done this before and I knew that would happen. It's that yellow is coming through the white that's ugly and annoying. (I just wanted them white, we have an open floor plan.)

I really don't want to deal with the painter again. How can I fix this myself? Am I really going to have to go back and start all over again, sanding and priming? Some sort of BM oil paint was used. Any suggestions and help are appreciated, thank you!

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