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Is there a 'fastest curing' paint for urgent kitchen cabinet job?

16 years ago

So I'm ending year number 2 of a long, botched up kitchen job.

Finally, finally, my cabinets are in (paint grade birch). We need to put in the 150lb fireclay farm sink.

And it suddenly occurs to me that we should do the painting first (so as to get the nooks and crannies around the sink). Even supposing that I (or a pro) could start this job tomorrow, we need primer, and a few coats of paint (I'm trying to match my 80 year old cabinetry which has numerous layers of paint. So lots of coats on the new stuff might look good).

Then it has to cure long enough for a 150lb sink to go on it. And be moved around on it. And adjusted into position.

How long am I going to have to go without a sink if we attempt this?

Thank you!


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