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Creative storage with small closets?

11 years ago

My house was built in the 70's, so I have limited closets, storage, and square footage. We're about to have a third child, now losing the storage we had in our extra bedroom. I'm trying to figure out how to store out of season clothing and linens in particular, ideally within the bedrooms these items belong.

We have a sleeper sofa and trundles under the kids' beds, but no underbed storage available and no separate guest room, but I have 2 comforters and various bedding for these guest beds but no idea where to store these items.

My coat closet also drives me nuts because we are already tight with 4 regular winter coats, all of our various jackets and lighter outerwear. I currently have a basket for our shoes on the floor of the coat closet, but this prevents me from adding a second bar for coats and I still have no place to store the vacuum.

I also have a toy overflow problem that has toys in every room in the house. I'm not going to fight it. Just need to figure out decent/attractive containment, so when I see some rogue Legos or trucks, I can toss them in some container.

I'm very interested to see/read about your accessible storage.

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