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newbie: good quality home made paper???

12 years ago

Hi everyone!

All of the homemade paper I have seen appears to have more of that "construction paper" look to it possible, through different methods, or perhaps adding different sizing, to get a "machine made" like finish to the home made paper? Not too thick, and evenly disbursed? Im sure there must be a way - and since I havent even bought a kit yet to do some experimenting, i thought I would ask and perhaps maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Im sure it also depends on the fibres and the material used in the pulp? Sorry if this is a newbie question..but appreciate all the input! Like I said ive read and watched many tutorials, however I am interested in making my own paper which can resemble standard store-purchased paper. Perhaps through different rolling methods this can be achieved? I dont know...but appreciate all input!

Thank you,


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