Onionskin - sourse found!!!


don't know if anyone uses onionskin any more besides me...I still write lots of snailmail letters and it saves a few pennies. Finally found an outfit that carries it: www.esleek.com (don't know how to do the link-thingy) and a Jane Bleeker there is terrific, very helpful.

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Thanks Jann, it sounds interesting!

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I'll bet handwritten letters on onionskin are just lovely; especially with a fountain pen or calligraphy! And you could use it for stamping, too, couldn't you?

I'd love to find some locally, unless I had a special project where I needed to order it. Thanks for the link just in case.

Do you also use onionskin for tracing?

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I am so glad that I read this.
I used to write all of my letters on onionskin and have not been able to find it for years.
Thanks so much!

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