Journaling part 1



Have you made a journal?

Do you know of a site that has journal galleries?

What are some ideas that you have or have seen that would help us to make a journal?

What is an easy journal to make?

What supplies do we need to make one?

Other suggestions?

Tia barbie

Journal tips

use brown paper bags for the pages! Looks real earthly!

Corrogate the cover

Use small legal pads or pads of paper

The dollar stores have inexpensive paper pads you can get and cover.. they also have small note books that you can RE cover

Lots of embellishments! Dont be shy! Stamped images! Cover them with UTEE

Pretty wallpaper pieces would be nice on the cover, Julie! :-) Hugs Ellie

The only kind of journal I ever made was with half sheets of cardstock and I tied it together with jute. I made it for a friend who loves poetry and so on the front I stamped poetry. She loved it. One of my friends suggested a gardening journal. Kyrie

Subject ideas!

Collection of compliments for rainy days!-

Gratitude journal

Welcome to my life

Things of beauty.

America the beautiful

Mother, all flowers remind me of you.

I love you because..

My mother

Inspirational thoughts..

Nice things people have said about me or done for me.

It was HARD but I did it!

Kids memories

Silly/funy things the kids have done.

I remember when.

All that I can remember about my grandparents

Stories that grandma/grandpa have told us.

When you were little.

Holidays are fun

My blessings

What my neice is doing in school friends, whats in style(holly)

Some of the requests I've had are: Teen age girl special private thoughts

for a vacation

Christmas/ to keep records of card lists, gifts,and special traditions, as well as pictures.

bridal preperations

baby's 1st journal

and how about one to keep for family reunions

birthdays (1 for each kid for thru the years)

and I'm going to make another one for myself to keep track of my soaping so how about one for those special hobbies julie.

Mangoes on the Tundra. chris.

Gardening journal! kyrie

Pet Journal (document the pets thinkings)? grin..

Dream Journal (could be stamped too!)

Exercise Journal (just checking off or writing in the numbers)

RS SWAP Journal for who you sent/received daily/weekly

Penpal Journal of letters sent/rec'd.

Health Journal (document your health problems when necessary)

What I Ate Journal (for those who want to document and watch it)

Grandma Journal (for granny to write about the kids, for them later!)

Creative Ideas (just stamping)

Beautiful sayings/quotes (for that tad of inspiration when you need it)

In my mind, a PRETTY JOURNAL can be used for most anything that needs to be documented by someone... its a wonderful gift that will make them WANT to contribute to it here and there. Espeically for creative gals like stampers, these could be wonderful to pass on or just for your own creative outlet.. and they HELP you too. Wendy, Inky Trail News

My favorite one is the one I made for my sweetheart for Valentines Day. "99 REASONS" why I love you. I use 3-ring note book so that I can add pages at will. I also use the ones that have clear covers so that I can decorate the outsides to relate what is inside. This one has old, favorite Valentines inside the clear cover. Down the spine (under the plastic cover) I also slip the title of the book decorated to match the front and back.

Compiled by Barbie Boop

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I keep thinking I should keep an art journal every day...but I count myself lucky if I can make a grocery list!

Karen (who just knows that someone has been shortening her days behind her back!)

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An art journal, I think, would make me feel too much pressure to make it look pretty and perfect. Or if I were journaling, I wouldn't have time to embellish and elaborate on top of writing (like Karen said). Kind of like scrapbooking, which I cannot do --too many choices.

Actually, I started an art journal, of sorts, by decorating the outside of a notebook. But I got stuck with just the cover! So for now I'm sticking things between the pages, things I tear out of magazines like lettering I like or color combinations. Should be something with pockets or envelopes for that....

But an art notebook is something I've actually been using. (When I can find it! LOL!) I haven't decorated the cover, but I use it to make sketches, take notes from books and write down design ideas and color combination ideas (can't tear out those webpages and can't print everything!) --things like that. It's neat when I haven't looked at it in a while (or it's been misplaced!) and I open it up; I get inspired all over again!

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Lia, I like your art journal idea!

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