Valentine hearts: melted crayons


What fun to do: Start with a 12"x16"piece of waxed paper.Fold in half, unfold. Put crayon shavings, lots of them, on the paper (not too thick) Fold the waxed paper back over. Crimp the 3 edges about 1/2". (DO NOT forget this step or you will have to part with your ironing board cover!) Put the waxed paper between 2 pieces of craft paper, or any paper that can take the heat of an iron for a few seconds. Iron on medium heat with a few passes in each direction.When shavings melt, stop & let the thing cool off. Now trace heart shapes of various sizes & cut them out. You now have beautiful hearts to make a mobile or to use however you desire. They look stained-glass-like when hanging in a window. I used all shades of pink, red, fuscia, violet, all the usual name brand crayon colors. ($$$store crayons work just as well as long as they are wax.). Please give it a try & let me know how you displayed them to get the full benefit of the translucency.

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My boys and I did this one year during one of our studies and made "stained glass windows". We cut the sections of "windows" from black paper and sandwiched the waxed paper between. They're still in our actual window across from me now!
I did NOT like grating those crayons! I think one of the crayon companies should sell them already grated; they could do it with big machines, with no harm to their fingers! :-D
Speaking of crayons... I just read in a stamping egroup that the Crayola washable crayons work well as watercolor crayons. Good and cheap, too!

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I never heard of this method with the waxed paper until now. Very interesting.

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