valentine card sample


Forgive me if I posted this before. I did this card at my stamp store's make 'n take event last year. It is a pretty card that makes use of only small heart stamps.

Stock is cream colored, stamped randomly using 2 different heart stamps with Versamark. The center image has 3 hearts using the same stamp on the same color lavender paper in 3 different colors of embossing powder (but you could just use ink). The hearts are cut out & stuck to a piece of double-faced carpet tape with just the front side peeled off. After the hearts are placed the rest of the tape is covered one at a time with random splotches of colored glitter, holeless beads, and around the edges, some sparkly gold embossing powder. Melt the EP which helps blow off any loose stuff that is not stuck fast. peel off the backing and stick it to the front of your card. Can't tell from the scan, but this card has tons of pizazz from all the sparklies!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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It is great. I don't know about the Versamark pads. Are they supposed to act kind of like a watermark? I think I bought one because everyone was talking about them but haven't tried them.
I also have some of those beads. So the carpet tape will hold the beads???

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Minnie, you haven't tried your Versamark yet???? Get it out girl! I lova, lova, lova mine. ;) The watermark look it leaves is great, but there are also several other great things you can do with it.

Nice card. I particularily like the mix of glitter and the mini beads. It gives a lot of fun texture to the card. I'm going to have to borrow your idea.

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Minnie- carpet tape will hold a small child, lol! It may or may not be acid-free, but it sticks as good as the "red" tape and is way cheaper.
The watermark effect works best on light to medium light card-stock colors as opposed to darker card stock. Versamark is "sticky", so it holds on to e.p. and Pearl-ex very nicely, too. You can get a neat effect just by stamping an image with Versamark & using a clear ep for the image, then lightly dusting the melted ep with pearl-ex...very subtle and elegant.
Alice- thanks!...can't take credit for the idea since it was a store event, so feel free to have fun. I was thinking of other things that you could stick to the tape like herbs, small seeds, or crushed potpourri.

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Very nice card. I love white on cream.

I was looking at carpet tape at Walmart the other night. Is it all double-sided? Guess it would have to be, huh? LOL! Seems to me this had ridges or a kind of grid in it; does that sound right? I wondered if that would make a difference in how things looked when stuck to it...?

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