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My Poor Doggie�Prayers please

9 years ago

From all of you pet lovers, could I ask for some prayers/good thoughts? My Dilly, a Lhasa Maltese mix is limping something fierce, favoring his left foreleg. X-rays at the vet did not show arthritis or any bulging spinal disks so we are thinking he sprained the leg between the shoulder and the elbow. He is miserable, even with 2 heavy pain meds and so is his mom. He cannot lie on his left side without great pain and just getting into a sitting position hurts. Early this morning he fell asleep on the left side and screamed so loudly the whole house heard him get up. I just burst into tears for him.

He had a bit of a rough start in life. He was dumped at the shelter at the age of 2, taken out by a small dog rescue, placed in a home that didn�t work out before I got him. He is my heart dog, something I never thought I would have again after losing my Skye terrier Ashley. He is also my Dads best buddy.

I know the power of the prayer warriors would help all of us.


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