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Opinions? Large Sink/18' Dishwasher or Small Sink/24' Dishwasher?

12 years ago

Looking for opinions from others....My "wet" area is only about 54" long, and can't be expanded because of a low window. I am planning on using a Blanco silgranit sink, and am totally in love with the 48" long double+draingboard they do. Problem is, even though some of that length is the draining board you do still need at least 32" of cabinet for it , and if I did that I could only fit an 18" dishwasher (I would use the Miele Optima). On the other hand, if I put in a Precis or BlancoDiamond single bowl, both of which are about 10" shorter, I can fit a regular 24" width.

Relevant facts: Only two people in our household, no plans to expand, but we seem to dirty an inordinate amount of dishes. We currently have no dishwasher at all, so everything is done by hand, which may be coloring my desire for a nice big sink - but even with a dishwasher, there are plenty of things I would still wash by hand, I think. Current sink is about the size of the smaller Blanco options, and I often wish I had a bigger and/or second bowl.

What do people think? Which would I regret less - an 18" dishwasher instead of a 24", or a smaller single bowl instead of a large double or semi-double? All opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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