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Best way to make coffee; best coffeemaker

12 years ago

There were previous threads on percolated coffee, but I am not interested in percolators, although I am considering getting a new coffee maker to use when I have guests and also for Kevin, as he does still drink coffee and has been driving to Starbucks to get it on week-ends. When we lived in Venice, it was a short walk to the French Market Cafe four doors down the street from our house, and I would send guests there when they wanted coffee. I'm no longer in a "walking" neighborhood, and so I thought it might be time for a coffeemaker. I tried to find reviews on line, but they were extremely confusing and did not give me the information I want.

When I was on Maui, I had some iced double mocha coffee at Casanova Deli in Makawao that I really liked and that did not upset my stomach (that much), even though it had ice cream in it. The Kona coffee I had on Maui was also very good, and I wanted to try making it here.

The only coffeemaker I have is an old Krups espresso/cappuccino maker that will only make two small espressos or one cappuccino at a time. The maximum coffee grinds it will hold is two tablespoons and only about one cup of water. I would like to be able to make maybe four or five cups of coffee at a time, and Kevin has already told me that he does not like the French Press, although I am not opposed to it. I've had a lot of problems with drip makers, but maybe they have improved by now. Does anyone use one that they like a lot? Should I get a larger espresso maker, or should I try to convince Kevin that a French Press is the way to go?

I do have a metal percolator that is stored with my camping equipment, but that is used only in extreme situations, such as natural disasters or camping trips.


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