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Just because... (colors I used in my new house)

15 years ago

Hey everyone!

I have found this forum to be an invaluable source of ideas and information. Little by little, I've defined my own sense of style and decor in my home by reading this site. GW has become my "study break" when I need to let my brain have some fun.

One thing I've really enjoyed is looking at everyone's paint colors they've used in their home and so I thought I would share what I chose in our new home, just because!

Pittsfield Buff

BM Pittsfield Buff

SW Hopsack DS's Bedroom

SW Underseas Master Bedroom

SW Spun Sugar DD's Bedroom

SW Rainwashed Laundry Room

BM Nantucket Gray Office

All of our ceilings are BM Mayonnaise, and all of the woodwork is going to be BM Simply White. Hope something here is useful/helpful to someone!

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