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Different Flavor in Garlic and Shallot Varieties?

14 years ago

My apologies, I know this would be better posted on the garden side, but my question is more about the flavor and taste, than the growing of garlic and shallots, so I would rather ask my question here.

I really love using garlic and shallots in my cooking, but I just know most of what I buy in my local stores really isnÂt as fresh as it could be and I am tired of having it sprout before I use it all. I seem to be tossing way too much of it onto the compost pile than into a cooking pot or other dish. So I want to try growing it myself. I have always had very good results with my herb garden every year and I have done extensive reading about growing garlic and donÂt really anticipate too many problems. I am in the Mid-Atlantic-Zone 7, with usually fairly mild winters; but can expect at least a few bouts of several well below freezing days in a row. And that is a good winter for us; we used to get much colder for longer periods with plenty of snow. We donÂt get that much snow any more.

My question is that I am not sure what is the best garlic to grow as to flavor. I like the descriptions given about the ones I have chosen to plant and I am wondering if anyone here has grown any of the following varieties. I am looking to order; French Red and Dutch Yellow Shallots; Music Seed Garlic; California White Seed Garlic. Has anyone grown them? Or is there a variety you have grown that you would recommend in place of one of these that would be better to grow in my zone?

The planting bed is ready and I canÂt wait. The really hard part is going to be waiting for harvest next year! I also plan to order a couple of potted herb plants that are new to me; French Tarragon-that I hope to grow indoors this winter and Berggarten Sage, a different one from the common sage that I already have in the garden.

Thanks for any and all replies.


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