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Tiling kitchen counters

14 years ago

Well, we are still in the throes of dealing with our "kitchen nightmare" that resulted from my incorrectly measuring a new refrigerator. At this point we have all the baseboards replaced, the cut out window finished that we half-mutliated, and actually painted the walls the color we've always wanted. We figured heck, why not, we're doing all this work now anyway may as well do what we always wanted to do and get it over with. CabinetRescue melamine paint to paint the ugly cabinets white? Check. Countertops? Well, we'll just tile those..

Only one problem, with the tiling. I'm not sure how to deal with the edge on my kitchen island.

As you can see from this photo the edges are rounded. I'm stumped about how to tile that. Any ideas? For the record we are going to be using 4x4 tiles, as I figure the less grouting the better. (Originally we were going to try to do the mosaic sheets but just too much grout to keep clean.)

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