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Soapstone counters & 3" soapstone backsplash--look goofy?

9 years ago

The fabricator was just out to take a look at my kitchen, and I have a problem. The floors and counters in my 100 year-old house are out of alignment. This is just a minor upgrade--range and countertops----and we had been planning to retain our white, subway tile backsplash. Now we have been told that since the counters will need shaving on one end and shimming on the other (quite a bit of both apparently) if we want to keep the backsplash we will need to remove the lower row of tiles. The fabricator will then create a 3" to 4" smaller backsplash of the soapstone that will be tapered in to abut the tiles (I'm guessing the concept is somewhat similar to the typical formica you see that goes up the wall a bit.) He says that this difference in height of the soapstone part won't be readily apparent. So, we'd have 3 cm deep soapstone countertops, a small soapstone backsplash cut from that same 3cm soapstone and then the white subway tile.

I suppose we could rip out all of the backsplash and start over again. But, since the white subway tile is appropriate to the period look of our kitchen which has a mix of original-type cabinets and custom made replicas, I'd most likely end up just putting in white subway tile again. So this seems kind of silly (and expensive and a hassle).

Thoughts anyone? Is this going to look goofy with that extra line of soapstone? Thanks.

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