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HELP! Farmhouse Sink install with granite counter.

16 years ago

I have a brown travertine carved front sink and 2cm granite counter tops with laminated edge to install. My fabricator uses 5/8" sub, so I told my cabinet maker to set the sink UP 5/8" from the cabinet tops (35" cabinets). My idea was that the 2cm granite would sit flush with sink and have a small positive reveal - then the rest of the counter top would have a 4cm eased edge. Now I'm panicked because ALL photos of similar installs has the granite flush all around. My fabricator says he will make my idea work, but I'm concerned how transition from 2cm to 4cm edge will look. Will the 2cm edge with the sink back look wimpy - especially compared to the 4cm edge? Will the transition look OK?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

PS- I'd add a picture of the sink, but can't figure out how - so here's a link:

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