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Need suggestions for sunroom floor

14 years ago

I will have a "sunroom" in my new house. It will be tile. I am not a huge fan of tile and am having trouble choosing it. The house is a traditional Colonial (cross between Connecticut and something from the south). It will have wood floors in the family room (it is off this room). The family room will have a bright green couch and a bright blue chair (a Brunschwig fabric that has yellow and green and even pink in it). I think the sunroom will house a white table and four Parsons chairs in a blue/white check. It will also have two club chairs done in a plain yellow. All this stuff may change when I have more cash! Anyway, there are also two brick chimneys partially in the room. They are a purple/red brick. We can paint them, but haven't decided if we will.

Any good ideas? I have considered a terra cotta looking tile from Jeffrey Court and Seneca tiles. I like the handmade/glazed look. But, I don't want to spend more than about $7 a square foot (less would be even better)! We have also thought about using bricks in the floor in large diamonds and filling with something else. I also love the look of bluestone.

I open to suggestions or creative ideas. thanks!!!

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