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New Home Construction (Budget Decisions 3rd Car garage vs SunRoom Bump

Ryan Vallow
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Location Indiana

We decided when building our new construction (plan is to live at least 15+ year) that we wanted to spent majority of our budget in infrastructure vs upgrades (kitchen bathrooms etc) later on we would do these ourselves.

The latest conversation we have been having is between should or shouldn't we add the sunroom bump (its more of an addition then a sun room *see picture (not in floorpan but it would be where patio is)

Our budget is already tight so if we want this we would have to cut things (aka 3rd car garage and a few upgrades)


We can always do a shed but man it would be nice to have the extra space in garage.

Concerned about resell value later on (but we plan on living year 10+ so does it matter?)

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