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Suggestions for a Gesneriad for cool sunroom

3 years ago

I have an unheated sun room where night temperatures are generally in the 50's, Occasionally, during a very cold spell, it might go to upper 40's but that's rare. Daytime will range from 50's to around 72 depending on how sunny it is. As for sun, anything from full sun most of the day to bright, but not direct light, are all available. I used to have a Sinningia (Florist Gloxinia) red with white edge. Loved that plant, but lost it when I got sick. Trying to find one since. I don't know if it would thrive in the temps of my sun room. Any lighting need I can give it because there are areas of that room that get full, partial or indirect in varying amounts. But suggestions for any Gesneriad that can handle those temps and thrive would be considered. Thanks.

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