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Anniversary chair: a tale of love vs. design

13 years ago

Indulge me a bit of background: Mr. Weedy and I married 3 years ago, both in our 40s, and his children are all college age, so we're empty nesters. He had a good job, from which he retired nearly a year ago to a decent pension, and I have a very good job. We are remodeling our house DIY, so he has put off finding a post-retirement job to spend a lot of hours on the house.

We keep our money separate, such that he gives me a fixed amount each month towards household expenses, I pay them all, and whatever each of us has left from our jobs we can buy whatever we want. Because he's just a pensioner (boy, that makes him sound way older than he is), he doesn't have a lot for the fun stuff like a Shelby Mustang GT-500, a plasma HD TV, and a big overstuffed recliner. He talks about saving up for them once he starts working again.

Which brings me to the chair. I'm not a fan of couch potato chairs (I'm a clean-lines sort of gal), so I've said, "buy whatever you want with your money, but I have to approve it stylistically if it's going in the LR/FR." He's tried a few out when we've been out and about shopping, but the purchase is out of his financial reach right now, along with the plasma TV and the mustang.

It's our third anniversary this week, and the official third anniversary gift is leather. I've decided to buy him a leather recliner. It would absolutely send him over the top. So I've been out shopping. I know a little about what's important to him (comfort, comfort, comfort), and I haven't found the perfect recliner that meets my stylistic tastes, makes him comfy enough when he falls asleep in front of the TV, and is in my designated budget of So I took a deep breath and decided that because I love him so much and he's been so committed to our remodel, I will compromise, lower my standards of acceptability and get something I don't cringe when looking at. He's worth that.

I have narrowed it down to 2 chairs, and I need your help figuring out which one I should buy.

Exhibit A: Black leather, more pleasing to my eye than exhibit B, and $800

Exhibit B: Brown leather (medium-dark), a bit less pleasing to my eye than exhibit A, and $637.

Brown would go more with our FR decor, which will have walnut floors and now has a cream-colored microfiber sectional. But I could put the sectional in our new sunroom and do something different in the FR if needed.

Of my 3 criteria, color, look and price, do I go with the one that gets 2 out of 3? Or do I stick with the one that I'll dislike less when I look at it?

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