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Where would I ask a math question?

10 years ago

H-D motorcycles have a bank-angle sensor that comes into play at a 45ð angle. The engine shuts-Off automatically when the bike is at a 45ð angle for 1-second.
The math problem concerns what angle would have to be achieved to get the lower muffler-shell in contact with the ground. I believe that angle would be at/close to sensor setting.
I'm thinking engineers have a math-formula for something like that.
There are riders claiming they are scraping their lower-muffler shell when making fast turns. I say BS. I don't believe a Harley tire can go that degree and have traction, much less than scraping a muffler-shell that is 9" off the ground when the bike is parked at vertical.
Is there a way for a math-challenged guy to make that angle calculation or the right place to ask? The MC forums are of no help with this....
Thanks for any replies

Merry Christmas!

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