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Ways to identify the model of a 49cc scooter

12 years ago

Please refrain from non-relevant responses, I've heard them all. If anyone knows scooters, I bought a used Wangye 49cc scooter from a private party. If I'd known how much trouble it would be to find the model/style of a scooter, I would have passed. All identifying markers have been removed. It was also spray painted in a hurry. I had the DMV and the Police Dept run the VIN through their databases and it has not been reported stolen. I've written to manufacturers and parts suppliers. No one can answer what would seem to be a simple question. It's a 2010 Wangye 49cc 4 stroke scooter. It appears to have a cat head on the factory placed stickers.

The parts places can't tell me the model/style but they can sell me the parts for it? How can that be? It needs the ignition switch/keys and a front fender. Please be kind and assist me with the model identification or explain how a place can sell parts without knowing the model?

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