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"Order pickup" parking spaces

2 years ago

(Minor pet peeve rant here....)

When the pandemic first hit, restaurants were closed except for the few that offered take-out servings. So you could call in your order, drive up, and pop in and pick up dinner. Nice. And since the place had no customers inside, all parking spots were used by people picking up.

Fast forward: Now, restaurants in most places are open, maybe with reduced seating and outdoor tables, but open. Not as many people are doing doing take out anymore. But somewhere between then and now, someone got the bright idea to label parking spots right in front as "Take-out" parking only. And these spots are now always empty.

Today we had lunch out. Major mall, large restaurants, one a local chain, the other Cheesecake Factory, side by side. There were 5 spots each for take-out parking, and 2 spaces each for handicap parking. All 10 spots for take-out were empty.

We decided from now on to start parking in the take-out spots and hang the handicap placard on the mirror.

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