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Best wallpaper similar to this? Old Victorian home...

10 years ago

Hi there!
I've never posted on this forum before but I practically lived here for the past 8 years working on a bathroom and kitchen gut job!
Now that the big problems are out of the way, it's time to re-wallpaper the dining room. This is the ONLY room in the house I would like to keep wallpaper in as I've stripped TONS off of the plaster in the other rooms.
I'll attach some photos but here are the specs--
--1870's Victorian (but I don't like busy/fussy/fuddy-duddy)
--room has darkish wood trim, original dark wainscoting, and built-ins on one wall (so don't want dark wallpaper)
--there's also a Black and Tan original Italian marble mantle in the room (wouldn't be my choice, but it's not going anywhere)

Here is the wallpaper that is up now, that I really don't mind, but it's in horrible shape. I like the monocromatic look rather than multi-colored, I think.

Where are some good websites to find similar wallpaper? And since this will be my first wallpaper job (learning on YouTube, like I've actually done successfully for other home projects!), any suggestions are appreciated!!!
Thanks so much!
Sarah in Albany, NY

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