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Combination Cooking Techniques (First X Then Y)

John Liu
10 years ago

On the Tahoe Beach Dinner thread I posted a recipe for ribs that required simmering the ribs in a spiced water; then marinating them in the simmering liquid overnight; then reducing the liquid to a sauce; then deep frying the ribs; then (whew) stir-frying them with that sauce.

I had to make dinner last night and some pork ribs caught my eye at Trader Joes, so I used a quickie version of the above process.

Throw ribs in pressure cooker with water, garlic, ginger, salt; 30 min at high pressure; pull out ribs and shallow-fry them in about 1 inch of oil in a wok; drain the oil and saute-toss the ribs with plenty of Yoshida sauce. Took less than an hour, about 15 min actual "doing-stuff" time.

Turned out very nicely. I think I'm going to like this particular "combination cooking technique" - first slow-cook to make the meat tender, then fry to create a crust.

My question is, are there other "combination cooking techniques" that you like, or recipes that illustrate them?

I can think of pan-searing then roasting, like some people do with steak or chicken. Dcarch likes to sous vide then skillet sear, I think. There must be other combinations that are useful but less well known?

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