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If you have counter-height windows, I need help asap

13 years ago

An interesting possibility has presented itself in our kitchen, but my husband and I have to make a decision about this by tomorrow.

Short version:

If you have double-hung windows (especially in an older home) at counter height, I would love to see pictures!

Long version:

Our 1910 house has a bank of 3 windows on the sink wall. The sill of the original windows was about 34" from the floor, so previous homeowners ripped them out to allow for installation of standard height base cabinets. Our house is brick and the window openings have limestone sills, so the PO's solution was a triple fixed-pane window that was custom made with a 6" wide bottom section of the window frame, roughly like this (outside view):

From Jan 31, 2011

That wider bottom section isn't visible on the inside of the house, and allowed for a 4" backsplash and window sill above the cabinets. We had planned to install subway tile in that space. The windows don't match the style of the home since they are fixed panes (which is so annoying when I occasionally burn something and have to open the back door instead of a window!) but since they're pretty nondescript, we hadn't planned to replace them with our kitchen reno.

Over the weekend, my DH and I began to wonder whether we could replace the windows and bring them closer to counter-height. When I mentioned this to our contractor today, he was really eager about it. (Without going into irrelevant detail, it solves a few problems he's been struggling to figure out).

We agreed that we will stick with the 48X96 total window size we currently have, but that we will drop them down 6 inches to counter height. The benefit on the outside of the house is that the new windows will appear centered in the window opening, with the "extra" parts of the frames roughly equal on the top and bottom, like this:

From Jan 31, 2011_2

Inside, I will be able to get a look that I've always pined away for, and that makes me happy. The debate we're now having is what kind of window(s) to install. My vote is for standard double hung wood-clad windows (vinyl on the exterior), like these, as they will match the others in our house. My husband wants one big triple casement window, along the lines of {{gwi:1636527}}.

He is arguing that the vinyl-clad casement option will give us more light, but I think that since the rest of our windows are oak double-hungs, we should stick with what fits with the house. I'm OK with the exterior being vinyl, but I want to be able to stain the wood to match the other windows.

I've been able to find plenty of pictures that represent what my husband likes, but I'd like to be able to show him some photos of what I'm after. I just haven't had as much luck finding any. :o( If you happen to have something similar that I can show him pictures of, I'd be grateful!

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