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Ten months w/o a period, then WHAM! It's baaaack! Grrrrr

18 years ago

I thought SURE I was gonna get my menopause badge in a couple more months, but nooooooo. Got my period yesterday, so now I get to start "counting" the months all over again.

I hear from my doc that 12 months without a period means you have officially done the menopause dance. Sheesh! So close!!!

I've been having hot flashes on and off (sometimes none for months at a time!) for about 2 years--nothing too bothersome, thankfully. My doc also said that when I started having hot flashes, my fertility went waaaaay down to zero cuz I'm (gasp!) in my early 50s and the hot flashes plus my age were an indicator of failed fertility, and that I might have some spotting or breakthru bleeding (did have a bit of spotting, for less than 1 day, last summer). YMMV, of course, but that's what my doc told me.

Now, I wonder just how long or how heavy this !surprise! period is gonna be... dang it!!!

Just wanted to share my frustration at getting my little visitor yet again...

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