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Oak cabinet options - paint walls vs paint cabinets?

Jodi Collins
10 years ago

Hello all,

I am new to the forum, in fact this is my first post!

My house is 23 years old and the kitchen was remodeled 10 years ago with refaced oak cabinets. The cabinet doors and drawers are nice solid wood, unfortunately oak. The cabinet bases are the veneer they use to reface with.

While my kitchen is functional I would love to improve the look. I have a very limited budget and must keep the floors, counter tops, appliances and cabinets. Recently I painted the walls SW Blonde and I do not like the result. The color is pretty in the morning but, like a zombie movie, when the sun sets everything turns ugly. Also I think the color is too close to the tone of the wood.

My options

1) Repaint the walls a color that works well with the counter top (a corinthian material) and tile. Perhaps a grey, greige or green???

2) Paint the cabinets and walls.

Other ideas I have to supplement 1) or 2):

a) New back splash

b) Add bead board to the plain faces of the cabinets (if painting cabinets).

c) Box in the soffits with wood and molding (if painting cabinets).

d) Replace ugly dangling light fixture. 1989 needs it back.

e) Remove the fluorescent tube light fixture. Skylight would be nice but $$$.

f) New cabinet handles and knobs.

I would very much appreciate any color suggestions and ideas that would update my kitchen until I can afford a full remodel.

So excited to hear your advice.

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