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Don't Do This

10 years ago

I'm in Long Island, the weekend before last we got 30 inches of snow. My neighbor came with his snow blower and cleared my driveway and front walkway. I shoveled a small path from my back door to give my dog a place to potty. One thing I like to do is recycle, including stale bread to the birds and vegetable scraps, coffee grinds and the like go in a compost pile way in my back yard.I have been putting my stale bread in a zipper bag in the freezer. I'm too small and weak to shovel all the way to my compost pile, there, so I started piling my compost additions outside next to my back door. I figured it was cold enough they wouldn't rot. I put them high up so my dog wouldn't mess with them. Well, the squirrels have discovered an outdoor fridge full of things they like. Right now there are three squirrels by my back door snacking on grilled vegetables. Don't do this! (But I am enjoying the view and feeding nature's little ones).

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