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help with generous bounty of veggies

15 years ago

Well I put the word out that I can always use extra produce and it is starting to show up on my doorstep lol. I thought with this last baby coming in November it would be easier gardening but am finding that I just can't take the heat and humidity even in the morning or evening so my veggie garden is being plenty ignored. Luckily there are lots of generous gardeners in our small town that are stepping up and sending the extra my way. I know when it gets later in the season and people start getting tired of things I will have even more to deal with. So far I have been getting cukes, zucchini, yellow squash, crooknecked squash, green and yellow peppers. I have also stopped and asked if people were using the fruit from their fruit trees so I have pitted cherries, apricots and summer apples in the freezer that I picked. I need to pick a cooler day to cook these down for baby food for the surprise coming in NovemberI plan on making baby food for the new one coming in November and freezing ice cube trays in one ounce portions. I will use the squash for that. Looking for other ideas, Rhiannon will eat it raw and so will Hayden. Peyton is my picky one. Lately I have been roasting 2 kinds of squash with a little olive oil and salt and pepper and then at the end of the cooking adding grated parmesan cheese. We also like fried and breaded zucchini but looking for other ideas.

Also your favorite use of cukes, I will use the little ones in pickling in a few weeks but looking for ideas. We eat them raw for snacks ( Rhiannon will have me peel the smallest ones and she eats them like a banana), overnight pickles with onions and also in sour cream sauce with dill and ranch added. Any recipes to help me use up some more cukes. We have a family reunion this weekend, and plan on taking a couple of kinds of cucumber dishes with me lol since we are supposed to get to 103 degrees with heat index up to 115.

Any canning of freezing advice would also be great.

Thanks for any ideas,



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