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size of recessed lights over bathroom sinks

12 years ago

Our 2 master bath sinks are recessed into a nook in the bathroom. On either side of the nook we are planning to put in sconces--the red stars in my very goofy MSPaint drawing at the bottom. We also plan to do a wall-to-wall mirror on the wall in front of the sinks; we're going for a clean and simple modern look.

It is a very large bathroom, and while there are other lights in the bathroom--the ceiling fan/light/heat combo in the shower and 2 6" can lights, one over the door and one over the make-up vanity, and the vanity lights--I don't think these lights will provide sufficient task lighting for my SO to shave at the sink, so I'd also like to put in 2 can lights over the sinks.

I'm thinking I would like the cans over the sinks to be 4" so they are less obtrusive and don't take away from the sconces. But the ceiling in the bathroom is vaulted. It's about 10' over his sink and about 8-3/4' over my sink.

So my question, finally: Because they'd be so high, would 4" can lights be functional in this space and provide sufficient light, or should I go with the 6" can lights?

Thank you!

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