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Calling other oddballs - light bulb dilemma!

7 years ago

Full disclosure here... we do not watch TV. We are readers, as in books.

The 50/100/150 bulb in the table lamp between our chairs went out. Wanting to be Eco-conscious, I looked at LED's. They are not yet powerful enough for reading lamp use.

I looked on GW and read threads saying most lamps should use/need only 60 wt equivalents. Certainly enough for viewing TV, not so for reading. I looked at CFL sizing. Nothing over 100wt equivalent (certainly not a 3-way) fits the lamp.

So, are there other avid readers out there? What do you use for good lighting? Also, all my lamps have 3-way switches.

At this point, I am less than happy with the new regulations that were enacted before technology was fully prepared. I would love to save on energy usage, but... Suggestions?

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