High ceiling lighting dilemma! Separate fan and lights? Other options?

Julia Tarno
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We are preparing to do some lighting (among other) updates and I am at a loss for options in our very open living space. I have always disliked the light provided by the fan, so I am hoping to find a fan that has no light and to find a different option for lighting the space. I've considered lamps, but I just can't make sense of placement (no floor outlets so I would have to place them around the perimeter of the room). I tossed around the idea of recessed lighting, but I keep reading that they are a bit useless in rooms with ceilings this high and also worry about strobing because of the fan blades. Maybe the best option is to just accept that another fan with a light is going to be the way to go?

For reference the fan is mounted 13' above the floor (at the blades). The ceiling is pitched (about 19' high where the fan is mounted, 23' at the highest point).

In the pictures, (pardon the mess!) you can also see some of the other lights in the space that are being replaced. One over the dining table, two light boxes in the kitchen a chandelier over the breakfast table, as well as a foyer chandelier not visible in these shots. We are on the fence about recessed lights in the kitchen vs. two chandelier type fixtures to replace the fluorescent light boxes. Planning to add a couple of pendants between the posts over the bar. Also one over the sink. Love the idea of very simple, clear globes for the pendant lights. Open to recommendations/ideas/opinions for any of those as well since all are visible within the space.

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