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What kind of light bulbs for vintage F.H. Lawson medicine chest?

9 years ago

I located a vintage F.H. Lawson lighted medicine cabinet with really cool tube shades in really good shape. I put 40 watt tubular bulbs (light part is 4" tall), but not only is the light concentrated at the bottom, but even though the light is pleasant, it will be too dim for the bathroom. If I try 60 watt I guess I'll have the same problem just brighter.

I've located an incandescent T8 Bulb 40W that is 11 7/8" tall with will fill the shade, but at 40 watts, I wonder if it will still be too dim (but have light coming out of all the shade). I also found a 60 Watt - Vintage Antique Light Bulb
T10 Tubular Style - 7.4 in. Length - Medium Base - Tungsten Filament - Inside Frost which will be brighter, but only 3.4" taller than the bulbs I'm using now. Also, it has an ambler look to it.

I've had an electrician update my bathroom wiring to code with GFIC, so my only worry is what the original wiring is made to carry. I could not find any indications other than it had been UL approved.

I'm hoping someone who has experience with this type of light or could direct me for where I can find more info. I'd love to know if there are old F.H. Lawson catalogs or specs for their cabinets. And wouldn't it be great if there is someone out there reading this who had a cabinet just like this and remembers the bulbs.

I'm working on drywall repair, but in the meanwhile, I just love
this large mirror. It has been the crowning touch in renovating my vintage 40's or 50's bathroom.

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