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Green beans and egg noodles

14 years ago

I have a passle of fresh green beans and I want to make this green bean dish like the kind that I buy frozen from Bird's Eye. It's got egg noodles, bacon and green beans in some kind of sauce.

So I have carmelized onions and pancetta in the freezer, so I thought I might dice up and fry the pancetta, add the onions and roasted green beans to the noodles. So I'm wondering about a sauce. I don't have any fresh mushrooms, but I have a container of Campbell's gourmet portobella mushroom soup. The other option is a white sauce with parmesean cheese added, or maybe forgo a sauce and just sprinkle the pasta with parmesean? I'm wondering if you think it needs the mushroom flavor? It's a lot of pasta and I'd hate to ruin it. I'm also wondering about adding the cheese. I don't have any other kind of cheese except cheddar and that doesn't seem right.

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