still pulling my hair over backsplash... Help please!

9 years ago

i have been looking into what I should do for my backsplash for a while... And had asked for help here. I thought I sort of figured out from the last suggestions I got here but can't seem to find just right one with color other than white to go well with color of my paint and the countertop (Kashmere White)

Would it really be bad to just go with white subway tiles? Would it not go well with the rest of my kitchen? My friend told me that my kitchen being "neo-classical" it would look rather mixed up...

Again... I am having a problem getting things copied and pasted from picasaweb. So forgivem e for not having the pictures show up in the posting. The link has a number of pictures of my very messy (really apologize for the mess) and "not-quite-finished" kitchen...

Thank you for all your help and thank you in advance for your suggestions and all.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen pictures

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