pulling out my hair. very pale beige, ideally SW?

12 years ago

I have posted about this before, so apologies in advance for any redundancy.

I am looking for a pale/"champagne"/cafe-au-lait beige for my MBR, which is VERY dark. I have spent lord knows how much money on testers over the last few weeks, trying all the BM colors people on this forum have had success with: Macadamia, Bradstreet Beige, Kilim Beige, Softer Tan, you name it, I've tried it. (I don't have a local BM; Lowe's has been trying to match these, with mixed success, but that's another issue.)

In pics here, these colors look neutral and gentle. In my MBR, they are very dark, especially at night.

So I'm switching to SW colors, since we have a local store and I have had it with Lowe's (although I'll still take Lowe's-oriented suggestions if anyone has them). I have just tried a 75% mixture of SW Reliable Beige and Sand Dollar, both very mellow colors during the daytime. At night, in low light, they're really, really dark. Aggggh.

Should I just go up to the palest color on the strip and try again? (the SW folks told me that the 75% mixture lands me between the palest color and the second color on the strip.) Does anyone have any other color recommendations? Should I find a candlelight glaze to put over it? would that make the color nicer at night?

DH is arguing that we should just paint it white and be done with it, and I am close to agreeing with him. What do you think?

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