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insane bill with new heat pump system.. help please! setbacks, et

12 years ago


We had a heat pump system installed in our home last Jan. The weather was likely similar that month to this last December, but we did have a pretty good cold spell in the Pac. NW for a couple of weeks, with highs in the low 40's, and lows in the 20's for about 2 weeks.

Our bill that we just received was an increase of $200 from last month! YIKES. We do have a large home - aprx. 3400 sq ft, but the bill never looked anything like this last year during the cold months when we first had the system installed (before this we used pellet stoves and electric heat - new system is all new ducting, heat pump, etc). Our bill for electric was just outrageous, and considering our history with it, and the conservative settings we use, we're confused!

Currently, we have it set for 67F during home hrs (7am-8:30am), then it goes to 63F until 3:30pm, as we arrive home from work around 4. Back to 67 during that time until 10pm bedtime when it drops back to 63F. We have it set to lock out emergency heat unless outdoor drops to 32F or below (we have an outdoor sensor). We have a 5ton HP Goodman unit.

I'm reading conflicting things about setbacks and heat pumps, and am really confused. Last year, we did a similar setting, and the weather was pretty much the same, so what might be our problem?? The largest bill we encountered last year was at least $150 LESS than this most recent bill we've received We can't handle $400 electric bills all winter long! =(

Thanks in advance for any tips or insight you can offer!

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