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Lowering oil heating costs with electric space heater

15 years ago

Instead of the oil central heating (forced air) for our whole house at 68 degs we are running the house at 55 degs and using a space heater in the TV room and the bedroom when we are using them. So far its pretty effective but we havent hit February in New England yet!

Obviously our electric bill is going up but hopefully we will use less oil. Has anyone any actual experience of this strategy? Does it work? My thought is that once the central heating actually switches on perhaps the "momentum" of the furnace (latent heat built up) is such that the incremental cost of keeping it on for longer to get it up to 68 may not be so much.

I have read that electricity is more expensive than oil for heat on a BTU basis - but in our case that would be apples and oranges comparing two electric space heaters with a whole house heated by oil....

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