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Help With Kitchen (Newly Purchased Home)

11 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I'm brand new to the boards, and my husband and I have just bought a new home that needs a LOT of TLC. It's very outdated, but the home has been taken good care of over the years, so really just the aesthetics/decorating side of things is where we'll be focusing.

I was hesitant to post here because I am NOT a decorator... don't have much by way of decorations anyway, and want to keep things on the cheap side... but I figured I'd ask for advice anyway!

The image you see is one that was taken when we were looking at the house prior to purchase. The carpet will be ripped soon and new flooring will be put down (we're not sure what yet).

My main question is in regards to the cabinets. We can't afford to have new cabinets installed, so we're considering painting. Currently it's a drab grey color and there's the horrid wall paper on the top border. There is also a white refrigerator that is now sitting where the trash can is in the picture.

So with all that information, what colors could you see in this kitchen? What color might work for the cabinets (they're the old 50's style metal cabinets. Very sturdy suckers!). What color might work for the wall (back splash and upper trim)?

Any ideas would be appreciated - and I'm sure you'll see many more posts from me to come as we start to work on other rooms as well!

-Rebecca in Indiana

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