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Bizzo's Birthday Banquet at Bee and Thistle Inn - (Pic Heavy)

10 years ago

Welcome to my Birthday Dinner! thank you for sharing it with me...

I started with a Basil Martini made with muddled basil, vodka, malibu rum, and passionfruit puree


DH and I split the roasted peppers, white anchovies and caper berries appetizer served with grilled baguette


I then had the Bibb Salad with strawberries


DH had the 'Crimson soup with Lentil and Chorizo' We think it was carrots that made Chef name it Crimson, because it wasn't. I didn't get a picture of the soup, but it was yummy!

My entree was the duck. When we arrived a woman told me 'I just had the duck! It's fantastic!!' It was! served with brown basmati rice and curried watermelon rind.


to accompany the duck, I ordered the Brunello. It's a good thing CT has 'merlot to go' laws. The rest is now in a decanter at home!


DH's entree was the salmon, served with marinated olives, peppers and hard-boiled egg.


Dessert (of course we did dessert! It's my birthday!!) for me were the apple fritters with butterscotch sauce.


DH had some chocolate mousse-type thing with s'more in the name


A great meal, a fun time, and a really cute and comfortable space for dining.

My apologies for the lighting on the pics... restaurant ambiance and my cell phone. none-the-less, it's still good food porn in my opinion jface>

Here is a link that might be useful: Bee and Thistle Inn, Old Lyme, Connecticut

Comments (13)

  • mustangs81
    10 years ago

    I don't know how you made those fantastic decisions; I would still be hemming and hawing. The duck looks to die for.

    Thanks for sharing your spectacular birthday dinner with us.

    Happy Birthday again,

  • ann_t
    10 years ago

    Looks like you did it up in style. Lovely dinner. Wonderful way to celebrate.


  • wizardnm
    10 years ago

    Tha kind of dinner that makes good memories..Lucky You!

    Another Happy Birthday!!!!


  • annie1992
    10 years ago

    That does look like a delicious dinner, Bizzo, and now you can celebrate the rest of the week with that leftover wine!


  • triciae
    10 years ago

    Oh, the dinner looks wonderfull & so does the Bee & Thistle Inn. We've never been there but it's on our "to try" list now. My favorite type of restaurant - at a perfect B&B. It looks so CT. Old Lyme is really close.

    Glad you had a great evening with DH & enjoy the merlot.


  • teresa_nc7
    10 years ago

    I'd go there just for the apple fritters with caramel sauce. Great looking meal! Happy belated birthday!


  • Bizzo
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    A lot more came home than just the Brunello! there's half the apple fritter, half the duck, and half the salmon in our fridge! Next time, I'm having one and a half courses. The food was SO rich. (wonderful, but almost too wonderful iykwim).

    Cathy, I did have trouble deciding. It's a short menu and I wanted everything!! Fortunately the recommendation of the duck from a complete stranger in the lounge before diner made up my mind for me on the entree!

    Tricia, I think you and DH would love the place! It is just off Exit 70 next door to the Florence Griswold Museum.

    I think it's my new favorite local restaurant (those honors used to belong to The Up River in Westerly before the floods and they closed it). Unfortunately Bee and Thistle doesn't suit my budget for a regular hang-out, but wow! saving my pennies to go back. The menu changes regularly but the chef is awesome. They do have a chef's selection on Wednesdays- three courses for $28 - that would be easier on the pocketbook - but we definitely splurged for my birthday.

  • chase_gw
    10 years ago

    What a lovely looking meal ! I can understand not finishing the plates, the food can be rich and filling, however not finishing a bottle of wine....didn't even know they was an option!

    Happy birthday the evening sounds perfect.

  • dedtired
    10 years ago

    The strawberry salad and your dessert are my favorites. Yum. I was thinking that was a lot of food for one meal until I read that you took a lot home. Good thinking.

  • lpinkmountain
    10 years ago

    I would go just for the name!! I love "Bee and Thistle." The food looks to die for, you are lucky! Thanks for sharing.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
    10 years ago

    What a great looking dinner, I would gladly eat everything you ordered. The duck and the appetizer particularly look good to me, the salad, a tiny bit boring! (that wedge thing...)

  • riverrat1
    10 years ago

    So glad you had a great time! Great pics and the food looks scumptious.

    Leftover wine? I didn't know there was such a thing:-)

  • jude31
    10 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your birthday dinner and yes, Happy Birthday all over again.