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Please help, I need some advice.

16 years ago

We are almost to the end of our kitchen remodel, just waiting on the backsplash and final touch ups.

When we started, we showed our GC a picture of Bab's backsplash and that we wanted the copper 2x2 inserts just like hers. I bought the inserts and gave him the invoice too that said 2x2. We gave him Bab's picture and the information on the tile too.

Here is my issue. Today when talking to my GC he said that we changed the inserts to 4x4 copper inserts randomly inserted into the backsplash. I told him that I never changed it, it was always 2x2 copper inserts. He said he wished that he knew I changed my mind again when he was redoing our estimate because doing 2x2 inserts is going to cost us a lot more money.

Do I pay the extra $500 to make it how I want it although it was his misunderstanding or do we scrap the inserts altogether? I'm so irritated!

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