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Anyone wanna share 'no white flour/no white sugar' desert ideas

15 years ago

HD has joined a weight loss program offered by his employer beginning monday...hoping to jump start this for us (yes, I'll be on it too)

todays dinner is "garlic lemon black pepper" seasoned grilled (dug out that old George Forman)chicken strips (with a little lowfat ranch for dipping on the side)unseasoned (bland tasteless) italian green beans, brown rice, fresh strawberries for desert (plain) and ice water.

Program calls for walking 45 mins per day, 8 glasses of water per day, and lots of fruits...he must also attend 2/3 support group meetings per month....they have been given one of those things that measures walking by steps as another incentive, his cardiologist was thrilled with what he had to tell him about the program. Several of the guys he works with in the shop are on it also and I can see them being very competive!

we'd like to at least have an occasional desert which is allowed once a week...but would like to stick with the no white sugar or flour idea...

Any suggestions...

a moist chocolate or cream cheese cake would be asking too much I know,,,but it sure does sound good!

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