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Suggestions on how to handle an issue

10 years ago


I have a stilt house in Florida. The first raised floor is 1440 sq feet and the second raised floor is 800. I went with a local AC company who suggested a Carrier 2.5 ton for the first floor and a 1.5 ton for the second floor. The temperature is fine as I usually keep it at 77. The problem is the humidity. It is between 55 and 60%.

I did ask when I was buying the unit if it was a variable speed air handler and I was told yes. What I received is as follows:
- indoor FX4DN(B,F)037 and outdoor 25HBC336(A,W)**30
- indoor FXDNF019 and outdoor 25HBC318(A,W)**30

Now after they are installed, it seems I am finding out that they are not variable speed units. I did ask that question due to humidity concerns as I am right on the water.

I guess it is real easy to say "just tell them you want what you were told you were getting". But the reality is I am sure I only paid for what I got(the total bill was $9,400 for removal of the old system, run all new ducts and install these two units. The other challenge is how do I prove that I asked that and they replied it was variable. I want to be reasonable and get a solution that will do what I need done.

So what is the reality that after these have been installed for 6 weeks I can get them to swap these out and be able to pay a price difference to get what I requested(which was a variable speed unit to better handle the humidity)?

Will they have to eat the cost of the whole unit? They are talking about maybe just putting a whole house dehumidifier on one of the units. Will that work well on one fixed speed unit? How should I handle this? As I am looking for a fair solution that works for all without paying more than I should have in the first place.

Final thought, is I am not quite sure of what the price difference would have been to have both units be variable speed versus just putting a whole house dehumidifier on one unit. If it is about a wash and the performance will be the same, that might be the easiest solution. But if you say I really should have the variable unit to make it work correctly or not to drive my electric bill sky high...that makes it much more difficult.

Thanks for your feedback.

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