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Ideas and suggestions for what to do with living room corner...

9 years ago

I've got a corner in my living room that I've left to collect dust because of the semi-free standing fireplace that is there. After a decade, that corner has finally gotten to a point where I *simply must* do something with it - but what?? I have varying shades of blue as my color scheme and the furniture is all black and dark cherry/mahogany. The entire place has white-ish walls that were last painted right before I moved in, and I've been using various wall art pieces to let me ignore the fact that the years of sunlight exposure has been making the white walls less and less well...white...So, anyone have any suggestions on what I can do with this corner of blah, while keeping the fireplace - I do use it to keep warm without turning on the heater because the fireplace is free after all.

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