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Another chapter in the stupid turkey saga

12 years ago

So....another chapter in the "cook lots of turkeys saga".

I figured that today I could whine at church at announcements time and get some good help boning out some turkeys.

So I got to church by 8 AM and got an 18-19 pounder in the oven by 8:30 and 2 14 pounders in the sink....still icy, running water over them. Got them somewhat loosened up...but still very icy in the middle and both still had the giblet bags but I got them into the oven by 9 AM, and prepped the 2 8 pound turkey breasts and they went into the oven at 9:30.

I put the large bird into an old blue roaster with a lid and set the oven at 425. There wasn't another old blue roaster big enough for a 14 pound turkey so I put one into a blue roaster and covered it well with foil and the other into an old club aluminum roaster. The turkey wouldn't fit well, so I put it in side ways...resting on one wing and a leg and covered it with foil. I thought about putting them side by side in a big food service, steam table stainless steel pan, but knew I could never lift it. Put them both into the same oven at 9 AM.

The 2 bone-in breasts I put side by side into another old blue roaster covered with foil at 9:30, put them into the oven with the big bird that had been in there for an hour.....and turned the heat down in that oven to 400.

Sunday school, church yadda yadda....came back to the kitchen about 11:30, stuck an instant read into the breasts....180...!!! and into the 18 pounder...170...more don't than I would like.

The breasts were not gloriously brown, but done....even if slightly headed to over done....the 18 pounder in the old blue roaster looked like a picture! I had not basted it nor rubbed it with oil no seasoning....and it looked like a picture in a magazine...I wished I had my camera!

But....those 2 birds, same weight within 4 oz...same brand...both in the same oven at the same time....but one was in an old blue roaster and the other in a Club Aluminum one.... then one in the blure foil covered roaster was registering 160 and I took it out and cut it up....and I didn't test the one in the Club Aluminum....but when we started to cut was raw...not underdone but RAW in the center near the keel bone.

So I covered it up and put it back into a 400 oven, same pan, same foil....for another one and a half hours. It was 140... put into the oven at 9.....and still not done!!

So we cut some of it up....labeled it "under done" and bagged and froze it. I will simmer it longer in a couple of weeks, and mix the meat with the rest and who will know.

Sooooo....what did I learn? Those old granite roasters with a lid make an awesome turkey! Beautiful to see succulent to taste.

Those Club aluminum things may work for cooking up a batch of chili but not for "roasting".

And no matter how "equal" things are....sometimes a turkey or a piece of meat just has a mind of it's own.

Linda C

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