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Q. about Miele 4840 Washer?

15 years ago

Hi all, I read a few topics on here over the last couple of weeks when I was deciding on which models of washer/ dryer to purchase. All very helpful.

I now have W4840 and the T9800 and I'm loving figuring out the programs! I'm in laundry heaven.

Having them delivered / installed was a hassle (the store I bought them from were disastrous)! It's a long lonnnng story but as brief as I can make it - the Sales man didn't ask me or inform me of the four prong plug adapter (so they arrived without one and I couldn't use the dryer)- scratched the dryer door (badly) while bringing it to my basement - didn't hook up the washer as they were afraid to force / break the water pipe by removing the old hose from my old washing machine! (Advised me to buy some WD40 and have a go at it myself) - Oh and delivered the 4800 when I ordered the 4840!

Anyhow, after many phone calls, within 24 hours I had an adapter, a replacement dryer door! and a floor model of the 4840 (as I wasn't willing to wait *another* week for delivery of a boxed model)!

Now, my question.... if you have the 4840 (or any Miele washer) - is the rubber rim inside the washer door taut? The rim on the my machine is buckled - mostly at 2 o'clock, but a little at 10 o'clock too. It just doesn't look "right" to me? Is it supposed to be that way? I'm fearful that I've got yet another problem on my hands with this company I bought from!

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