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need help with heat pump system choice

9 years ago

I own a 3 story plus attic home in Washington, DC. The main a/c and furnace system in the basement is a 4 ton Bryant. After I moved in I installed a 2 ton Bryant a/c system in the attic that services the top floor which is about 1750 sq. feet. I am looking to replace that system with a heat pump system that will provide both heat and a/c to the top floor that does get some air flow from the main system but not enough to do the job The existing attic a/c system to be replaced is a 2 ton Bryant system installed in 1995.

The company that installed the main system (4 Tons) and the one to be replaced and has serviced both systems recommended a Bryant 3 ton puron 16 Seer 2 stage HP #286BNA036 with matching model #FE4ANF003T00 (5KW) fan coil and Evolution control for $10,690 with optional upgrades to a #289BNA036 3 Ton 16 Seer ($12,640) and the Extreme model #280ANV036 3 Ton 20 Seer ($14,390). This company provides a one year labor and parts warranty for its installation and notes that Bryant has a 10 year parts warranty. The same air handler was proposed for all 3 options.

Company #2 sells Carrier equipment which I know is the same as Bryant. It provided the following options and recommended replacing all of the existing 6" ductwork with 26 gauge sheet metal duct work sealed with duct mastic to maximize air flow. It includes a 5 year labor warranty along with 10 year equipment warranty.
Option 1 ("ultra best") would be Carrier 25VNA024 20 Seer Variable Capacity Inverter Technology with Carrier #FE4ANF002 variable speed infinity air handler and a programmable infinity touch screen thermostat for $16,272.69.
Option 2 (almost best) would be a 19 Seer Carrier 25HNB924 17 Seer Infinity Series 2 speed HP with the #FE4ANF002 Variable speed air handler for $14,101.46 (including new duct work) and Infinity touch screen thermostat.
Option 3 would be 16 Seer Carrier #25HNB624 16.5 Seer Infinity Series 2 speed Heat pump plus infinity thermostat and new duct work for $13,186.33.
Option 4 is 15 Seer Carrier 25HCC524 15 Seer Performance Series HP with Carrier #FV4CNF002 variable speed air handler and non programmable digital thermostat for $11,676.00.
Option 5 (entry level) is a 13 Seer #25HBC324 13 Seer Comfort series HP with #FB4CNF024 single speed air handler and non programmable digital thermostat.
all these options include new pad and electrical disconnect.

Company #3 offers 2 Ton Bryant systems as follows:
Option 1 is 17 Seer #286BNA 2 speed compressor outdoor unit with #FE4ANF002 indoor air handler with Bryant Connex WIFI thermostat and all ductwork need3ed to install the new air handler to the existing flexible 6" ductwork with a new supply trunk line and new return vent in the master bedroom ceiling for $8,100.
Option #2 is #289BNA 19 seer 2 speed compressor outdoor unit with #FE4ANF005 indoor air handler and Bryant WIFI thermostat for $8,900 (attic steps must be removed to install this air handler).
Option #3 is the Bryant Evolution Extreme #280BNA 20 Seer 61 speed compressor with a #FE4ANF005 indoor air handler with new Bryant WIFI thermostat for $9700.00.
Attic stairs would have to be removed and replaced by another contractor for options 2 and 3 for this company. It would replace some but not all of the existing flexible duct work. This company provides 10 year factory equipment warranty and five year labor warranty.

Company #2 and Company #3 are both highly rated for quality and price in Washington Consumer Checkbook. Company #1 has been my HVAC company since 1985 and provided its estimate without an on-site inspection and consultation.

I would appreciate any and all comments and advice -- particularly about the sizing of the units and the replacement of ductwork issue. Thanks

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